FF: transforming knowledge into results

Since it began its activities in 2003, Fernandes, Figueiredo, Françoso and Petros Advogados – FF – has had as main objective to provide legal services of excellence, carried out by professionals enabled and committed to the goals of the individuals and companies it serves. FF’s professionals are worried about the scientific character of the Law, as well as with the tools that make possible solutions such as efficiency, trustworthiness, initiative and proactivity.

Analyzing the issue is the starting point.
Knowing the client is the roadmap.

FF’s commitment to improve the position of the companies and individuals it serves in its several performance areas demands more than an analysis under legal optics. It is necessary to know the business of each individual or company, their description and evolution in the market. FF’s team adopts this encompassing vision of the facts so that it can offer complete and effective solutions.

Education and incentive. A partnership
that expands possibilities.

At FF, concern with the education and well-being of its professionals is continuous. The motivation of the team, as well as its technical evolution, results in a more dynamic and cooperative personal environment, which increases the efficiency of the professional results.


Transparency Commitment Interaction

For FF, all relations must be carried out with Transparency. The companies and individuals served by the FF office, suppliers and professional team are part of a reliable and professional network.

Commitment is to serve individual and companies with full respect to the mission and the values of FF.

Such value is essential to the relation between the legal service provider and those served by it, since law presumes the clarification and the defense of rights and interests, as well as the presentation of legal solutions to optimize businesses.

By means of Interaction, FF works through partnership and integration between the companies and individuals it serves, their professionals and the office team. Thus, everyone works as a greater and more efficient team, which optimizes the rendering of legal services and the development of activities and businesses.


Technical Competence
FF’s professionals meet the demands of the companies and individuals with high level of professional and technical standards.
For FF, the education and updating of its professionals and the employees of the companies it serves are priorities. The office invests in the academic and personal improvement, with the objective to keep the team motivated. It also carries out technical events open to outside participants regarding current legal themes and which might be of interest to the companies and individuals it cares for.

Integrated vision of legal solutions
Legal demands are not an end in themselves. They must be taken care of with solutions that envisage the business or interest of the individuals or companies as a whole. For FF, this integrated vision allows legal solutions to contribute for the development of businesses and defense of the interests involved and not only as legal a solution without commitment with its effect and results.

Uniqueness and reliance
FF’s legal services are provided in a personalized way, with direct involvement of the partners and use of corporate language. FF’s team practices simplicity in information and explanations, which, allied to the individuality in attendance, confers agility and high quality in the works carried out.

A team that is solid
and prepared for
day-to-day challenges.

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