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Analyzing the issue is the starting point.

Knowing the customer is the roadmap.



The Office

Since it began its activities in 2003, Fernandes, Figueiredo, Françoso and Petros Advogados has had as main objective to provide legal services of excellence, carried out by professionals enabled and committed to the goals of the individuals and companies it serves.

Fernandes, Figueiredo, Françoso e Petros Advogados’s professionals are worried about the scientific character of the Law, as well as with the tools that make possible solutions such as efficiency, trustworthiness, initiative and proactivity.

  • Transforming knowledge into results
  • Transparency Commitment Interaction
  • Technical Competence

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Performance Areas

Currently, Fernandes, Figueiredo, Françoso e Petros Advogados office structures its legal action according to the large divisions of the Law – Public and Private Law -, being empowered to provide legal services of excellence in the following areas:

Private Law

  • Arbitration, mediation and negotiation;
  • Compliance;
  • Civil litigation;
  • Contracts (Civil, Commercial and International);
  • Accounting Law;
  • Entertainment Law (cultural contests, incentive campaign and trade promotions);
  • Family law and successions;
  • Corporate governance;
  • Real estate;
  • Capital markets;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Judicial reorganization;
  • Corporate;
  • Labor.

Public Law

  • Foreign trade (imports and exports);
  • Tax consulting;
  • Tax litigation;
  • Administrative contracts;
  • Anti-corruption law;
  • Bids and awards;
  • Administrative tax Procedure;
  • Institutional Relations;
  • International taxation.

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A motivated and highly qualified team. Meet our executive partners: